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Hazard, risk, venture; to risk it, chance it, trust to chance, to stake or try one's fortune (luck), to hazard, venture; risky, chancy, hazardous. Sugál nga pasimpalád. A game of hazard or chance. Sa pasimpalád nga paági--. In a risky way--. Trusting to chance--. (see pálad, kapaláran).



To practise palmistry, tell a person's fortune by the lines and marks of the palm. Maálam siá, konó, maghimálad. He is, they say, an expert in palmistry. Ginhimaláran siá sang manughimálad sang íya nga kapaláran. The palmister told his fortune from the lines of his palm. Himalári (-ádi) siá kon anó ang íya swérte. Tell his fortune from the lines of his palm. (see pálad, kapaláran, pasimpalád).