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Excoriated, abraded, chafed, sore (of skin); bed-sore; bedridden. Presentádo gánì, piláhon. One who presents himself has a sore skin i.e. one who presents himself to another has usually-something to ask,-some complaint to make,-"an axe to grind". (see píla).



To excoriate, abrade, chafe. Napiláhan ang bulî ko sang maláwig nga pagsakáy ko sa kabáyo. My seat became sore from long riding on horseback. (see piláhon).



(Sp. presentado) A person presented, introduced, presentee, one who presents himself. The phrase "Presentádo gáni piláhon" means; One who offers his services voluntarily or applies for a job will usually not give full satisfaction; he will do his work carelessly or will even run away before long according to his own convenience or advantage.