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(Sp. prueba) Proof, proof-sheet; to prove, try, put to the test, etc. See pórba.



(B) (Sp. probar, prueba) Proof, experiment, trial, test, check; to make trial of, put to the test, to test, prove, try, taste. Porbahí ang sabáw kon manámit ukón malás-ay. Taste the sauce to see whether it is nice or insipid. Porbahí. Try it. Find it out by experience. (see tiláw, pruéba).



(H) To try, taste, experience, pass-, go-, through, endure, prove, test. Walâ pa gid akó makatiláw sang páhò. I have never yet tasted a mango. Tilawí siá. Try him, put him to the test. Decide (by an appeal to physical force, or the like) which of you (two) is stronger. Natilawán ko man inâ. I also have tried it (that). I also have experience of it. I have had the same experience. Patilawá siá siní. Let him try (taste) it (this). Kon magliwát siá magbúhat sing súbung ipatiláw mo sa íya ang ímo kamót (patilawón mo siá sang ímo kamót). If he does that again let him feel your hand i.e. punish him, let him smart for it. (see dímdim, dimól, samít, sagámsam, pórba, pruéba, tám-id, sagáwsaw).