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To undermine and eat away, to erode. Ginríbrib sang subâ ang ámon umá. The river undermined and carried off our field. (see áb-ab, kábkab).



To eat or bite off a piece: to undermine and carry off, wash away (of water). Ab-abá lang ang tinápay kag ang mabilin nga inab-abán ihátag mo sa ímo mánghud. Just bite off a piece of bread, and give the remainder to your younger brother (sister). May katalágman nga ab-abón sang subâ ang pángpang. There is danger that the river will undermine and carry off its banks. Indì mo pag-ipaáb-ab[*] ang kárne sa idô. Do not let the dog snap at the meat. (see áp-ap, kábkab, kádkad, ríbrib).