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(Sp. recoveco) Artifice, machination, contrivance, winding ways and means. Madámù nga mga rikobíkos ang kinahánglan karón sa pagpakasál. Many things are required now and many formalities have to be gone through to get married. (see padúgi, pahitôhítò, padihútan, pandihútan, patúga).



A weave, a particular method of weaving wickerwork, especially applied in weaving small plates, sieves, etc. of bamboo splints; to weave, interlace, intertwine, entwine. Kinúmbis nga pagrára (paglála). Weaving according to the kúmbis-method. Metaphorically: Walâ sing madámù nga kúmbis. Easy. Without much ado. Without-fuss,-many requirements. Isá ka buluhatón nga madámù sing kúmbis (kulukúmbis). A difficult, intricate piece of work. (see lála, rára, habúl, pahitôhítò, rikobíkos).



Contrivance, means, way, machination, etc.; to contrive, etc. (See padihútan, pahitôhítò, rikobíkos, etc.).