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(H) To add or mix with, put in, especially to put meat or fish into a vegetable side-dish, sauce, etc. Subáki ang tinóla sing ginamós. Put some pickled fish into the vegetable dish. Isúbak iníng ísdà sa sabáw. Mix this fish with the sauce. (see lángkay, lakót).



Admixture, addition, solid morsel or ingredient of meat, fish, etc. in soup, sauce, broth, or the like. (see súbak, pátaw).



An addition, mixture; to mingle, mix, add to. May lángkay ang áton tinóla? Has our side-dish any admixture (of fish, meat, etc.)? Langkayí ang útan sing hípon. Add some hípon-fish to the vegetables. Indì mo pagilángkay iníng mga butáng sa ámon sugilánon. Do not introduce these things into our conversation. (see lákay, lakót, sakót, símbug, sámò, símpon, súbak, dúgang).