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To argue, dispute or quarrel about something that one of the disputants has to perform and none of them likes to, to push to and fro. Nagapadaítol silá kon sín-o sa íla ang magtíg-ang, ang mangáhoy, etc.-or-ginapadaitólan níla ang pagtíg-ang, pangáhoy, etc. They are disputing or quarrelling as to which of them should boil rice, collect firewood, etc. (see sabtánay; tudlánay (sabát, tulúd), paítol).



To remonstrate, argue, try to overcome, quarrel, bicker and bite, to urge, incite against, overwhelm with. Nagapadausáy silá. They are arguing (remonstrating) with each other. Indì kamó magpadáus. Don't quarrel. Pinadaúsan akó níya sang idô. He set his dog on me. Ipadáus mo ang idô sa báboy. Send the dog after the pig. Ginapadaúsan lang akó níya sing hámbal, bisán walâ sing katarúngan. He abused me in strong language, though he had no reason for it. (see padag-ánay, sabtánay, país-is).

From sabát-to answer.