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The flower-bud of the coconut-palm, particularly the hard, tough sheaths that envelope the flower before it blossoms and falls; to bud (of coconuts). Nagasuák na ang lubí. The coconut-palm is budding. (see swák).



To cut off a piece at a time of the suák, that is, the coconut flower in order to get tubâ. Baghotí ang suák. Cut off a piece of the suák. Ibághot akó sang suák. Kindly tap the suák for me. May lubí ikáw nga saráng mabaghotán? Have you any coconut-palms that can be tapped for tubâ? Hóo, ápang índì akó magpabághot sinâ, kay buót ko himúslan ang kópras. Yes, but I will not allow them to be tapped, for I wish to utilize the copra. Ipabághot mo sa ákon or pabaghotán mo sa ákon iníng napúlò ka púnò nga lubí mo. Let me tap for tubâ these ten of your coconut-palms.



The tough, leathery sheath at the bottom of betelnut-branches. (see baláka-a similar sheath at the bottom of bamboo-branches; suák-the sheath surrounding the flowerbud of the coconut palm).

See suâ, suák, suál, suál-suál, suáni, suéldo, suérte, suítik.