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To light, set fire to, ignite; to light one cigar with another, or the like. Tungábi ang tabákò ko sang kaláyo sang ímo tabákò. Itúngab ang kaláyo sang ímo tabákò sa ákon tabákò. Light my cigar with yours. Patungába akó. Let me light my cigar with yours. (see dábok, dáig, súnug, tútud, síndi).



(H) To light-, kindle-, a fire. Dabóka ang kaláyo. Light the fire. Dabóki akó sing kaláyo sa dapóg. Kindle a fire for me on the hearth. Idábok mo akó sing kaláyo sa digamohán kay magatíg-ang akó. Please kindle a fire for me in the kitchen, because I am going to boil rice. (see dáig, túngab, panúngab).



Freq. of túngab-to light, set fire to. The phrase: "Kon manúngab kitá sa bukál" means "never" (literally: When we can light (a cigar, etc.) with boiling water).