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A gap in the teeth; having a gap in the teeth (either as a congenital or accidental defect). Taháng siá. May taháng siá. He is minus a tooth (some teeth). He has lost a tooth (some teeth). He has a tooth (some teeth) missing. (see bingáw).



An interstice, crevice, chink, gap (in a floor, in wickerwork, in a weave, or the like); open, uncovered; to leave open or uncovered a part of the floor, etc. either intentionally, through an oversight or through lack of materials. Iníng salúg may tuháng pa. This floor-is not yet quite covered,-has a part still uncovered. Indì mo pagtuhangán ang salúg. Don't leave (make) gaps in the floor. (see buháng, taháng-a gap in the teeth).