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Covering the whole, taking in all, sufficient for all and everyone; to cover the whole, etc. Ang maís nagataláptap sang bilóg níya nga umá. Ang bilóg níya nga umá natalaptapán sing maís. His whole field is under corn. The whole of his field is given over to corn. (see tóptop, túptup, tápud, talápud, kámpod).



To include all, embrace all, reach everywhere, be enough or sufficient for all, be enough to go round. Ang isá ka pitsíl nga tubâ índì makapanlibáhod sa íla. One pitcher full of toddy will not be sufficient for all of them. Ang mga abáno nga íya natigána walâ makapanlibáhod sa madámù nga dumulúaw. The cigars he had got ready were not enough for the many visitors. (see tápud, tóptop, túptup, kámpod, taláptap).



To take in all or everything, distribute to all, suffice for all, cover all the needs, treat on a level, do the same for everyone. Talapúra (-úda) silá (sa paghátag) sing kwárta. Give an equal sum of money to each and everyone of them. (see tápud, kámpod, tóptop, taláptap).