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A frame-work with a hole or slot through which bamboo, bólò, rattan, etc. is passed when dressing or cleaning it for weaving purposes. (see talapgohán).

Splint-machine, frame for the dressing and cleaning of splints for wickerwork and basketry, particularly the hole or slot through which the bamboo, etc. that has been split by the operation of tádtad, is pushed in the process of giving it the finishing touch for weaving it into floors, partitions, balántak-work, or the like. (see tápgo, batakán).



To clean or dress split bamboo with the bolo so as to make it fit for weaving purposes, to trim or prepare splints for wickerwork. Ginatapgohán níya ang kawáyan nga tinádtad. He is trimming or dressing the split bamboo in order to make it suitable for wickerwork. (see talapgóhan, águs).