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Scheme, plan, idea, intention, aspiration, purpose, design, plot, view, thought, aim. (see túyò).



Thought, idea, plan, intention, proposal, purpose, project, design, scheme to intend, think, propose, purpose, have in mind, have in view, mean to do, contemplate, divise, scheme, plan. Anó balá ang íya túyò? What then is his intention or plan? What does he intend to do? Sín-o ang íya túyò? Whom is he thinking about? Whom does he want? Sín-o ang íya ginatúyò? Whom is he courting? Whom does he intend to marry? Gintúyò gid níya inâ. He intended it. He did it on purpose, deliberately. (see hungúd, tinutúyò, katuyoán).