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Premeditated, deliberate, wilful; to intend, purpose, mean, do deliberately, on purpose, purposely; intentionally, with free volition, knowingly, freely. Ginhímò níya iní sing hungúd sa buót (sa hungúd nga buót). He did this intentionally, with premeditation, deliberately. Ginhungúd (ginhúngdan) níya inâ. He intended that, did it on purpose. Nakahungúd siá magbutíg. He told a deliberate lie. Húngda sa buót mo ang pagsímba sa mga Domíngo kag Piésta. Make a firm resolution to go to church on Sundays and Feast-days. Dílì inâ hungúd sa buót níya, kóndì nakatabinás lang siá. That was not deliberate on his part, but he acted from a sudden impulse. (see túyò).



Preference, choice, predilection; intention, determination, decision, plan, desire, wish; direction, address; to prefer, have a predilection for, choose, decide for one thing with the exclusion of others; to intend, determine, decide, come to the decision that, have a mind to, plan, wish, desire; to direct towards (against), point at, address to; to specify, limit. Ang túhoy sang íya tagiposóon. The desire of his heart. His heart's aspiration. Sinulát níya inâ nga túhoy sa kay Fuláno. He wrote it-for the address of,-as a reminder for,-directed against, N.N. Ginatúhoy níla si Fuláno sa amó nga palangakóan. They have a mind (They wish, desire, plan) to appoint N.N. to that office. Tuhóya ang pagpadalá mo sa ímo anák sa Manílà. Make up your mind (Decide) to send your son to Manila. Gintúhoy níya ang paghágad, ang pagpílì, ang pagbásol, etc. kay Fuláno. He has decided (come to the decision) that N.N. should be invited, chosen, reprimanded, etc. (see túyò, buút, hungúd, tapát, pasahî, pát-od, látid).



Thought, idea, plan, intention, proposal, purpose, project, design, scheme to intend, think, propose, purpose, have in mind, have in view, mean to do, contemplate, divise, scheme, plan. Anó balá ang íya túyò? What then is his intention or plan? What does he intend to do? Sín-o ang íya túyò? Whom is he thinking about? Whom does he want? Sín-o ang íya ginatúyò? Whom is he courting? Whom does he intend to marry? Gintúyò gid níya inâ. He intended it. He did it on purpose, deliberately. (see hungúd, tinutúyò, katuyoán).