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To open a little or partially a book, curtain, package, the mouth, etc. so as to be able to see what is inside or behind the cover; to disclose, discover, invent. Tukibá ang pinutús, agúd makítà ko kon anó ang sulúd. Open the parcel a little so that I may see what is inside. Ipitá (Ligpitá) ang atóp agúd índì matukíb sang hángin. Fasten the roof down so that the wind may not be able to lift it. Basáha iníng sulát, ápang tukibón mo gid lámang, agúd nga índì mabása sang ibán. Read this letter, but open it only a little so that the others may not be able to read it. Makatitingála ang mga natukibán (tinukibán) sang bág-o nga kinaálam. The discoveries or inventions of modern science are marvellous. Dílì náton masáyran kon anó pa balá ang matukibán sang mga manginalámon kunína. We do not know what scientists may discover yet in the future. (see sukíb, sukáb, tokáb, tukís, ukáb).



To lift slightly the edge of, to raise the hem or border as of a mat, carpet, etc. Sukabá ang amákan, kay tan-awón ko kon anó ang árà sa idálum. Raise the mat a little, for I want to see what is underneath it. Ang atóp sinukabán sang hángin sing tátlo ka pánid nga sin. The wind lifted three sheets of galvanized iron off the roof. Ginsukáb níla ang bató kag nasápwan sa idálum ang isá ka dakû nga iwí-íwi. They lifted one side of the stone and discovered underneath a huge scorpion. (see ukáb, sukíb, tukíb).



To observe, notice, experience, go through, pass through, undergo, taste, find out by experience, have a taste of by personal trial or observation. Nataipán na níya iní. He knows this now by experience. He has had a taste of this himself. (see tuíp, tiláw, panílag, sukíb, tukíb, sapó, túltul, ánad).



To uncover-, open-, lift up-, a little in order to peep into, peer in, discover. (see tukíb).



To open partially a book, curtain, box, etc. See tukíb, sukíb, tokáb, ukáb.

An inventor, originator, pioneer. (see tukíb).