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Commissioner, in charge, agent, proxy, plenipotentiary, procurator, mandatary. (see tulínan, tinugyánan, tiglawás).



Commissioner, officer or official in charge, person in authority, representative, delegate, proxy. (see túlin, tulinánan).



Order, command, injunction, direction, commission; to order, command, direct, enjoin, lay upon, entrust, confide to. Gintúlin níya sa ákon ang pagbántay sang baláy. He ordered me to guard the house. Pagatulínan ikáw dirâ sang gihápon nga mga hilikotón sang mga sologoón sa sulúd sang baláy. You will be directed to perform there the ordinary duties of a servant in the house. Tinúlin níya sa íya ang íya anák sang buút na siá mamatáy. When he was about to die he entrusted him with (committed to him) the care of his child. (see túgian, túgyan, bílin, tógon, sógò).