Meaning of ámbong



Loveliness, prettiness, attractiveness; self-respect, tact, modesty; to be or become nice, pretty, lovely, self-respecting, tactful, modest, etc. Magámbong ka sa ímo kagawián. Try to be modest in your behaviour. Be tactful in your manners. Ginámbong níya gid ang íya pamísti (pagnaúg). She was very properly dressed, took care to have her clothes neatly arranged. Ambongá ang ímo paglakát. Be modest or well-mannered in your way of walking. Si Pedro naambongán sa kay Pulána, ápang si Hosé walâ maambongí sa íya. Peter was well impressed by the bearing of Miss N. N., but Joseph was not well impressed by her manner. Nagámbong na iníng bátà. This child has grown quite pretty. (see ányag, gayón, tahúm, mahî, úgdang, lígdong).