Meaning of aráng



To let simmer, cook slowly over a low fire; to simmer, boil or bubble gently; to warm something near or at the fire. Naarangán na ang tiníg-ang? Has the cooked rice been left simmering for some time over a low fire? Iaráng mo iní sa kaláyo or paarangí iní sa kaláyo. Warm this at the fire. Ginpaarangán níya ang tinápay. She warmed the bread. Magpaaráng ka, kay matúgnaw. Warm yourself, for it is cold. Nagapaaráng siá sang íya kamót sa kaláyo. He is warming his hands at the fire. Ipaaráng mo sa sologoón ang báhaw. Let the servant warm the cold rice. (see aríng-ing, bagáng, baáng-báang, alabáab, ínit).