Meaning of bágay



Manner, method, kind, class, way; fit, proper, suitable, adapted; to fit, adapt, tune, harmonize. Bagáya ang mga kwérdas. Tune the strings. Ibágay akó sang ákon gitára. Kindly tune my guitar. Dílì bágay sa ímo iníng kálò. This hat does not fit you. This hat does not suit you. Duhá ka bágay ang pagpangurús, hímpit kag láktud. There are two ways of making the sign of the cross, the complete and the short one. Ang salâ may duhá ka bágay, mortál kag beniál. There are two kinds of sins, mortal and venial. Himósi siá sing pagkáon nga bágay sa isá ka dumulúaw nga dunggánon. Prepare some food for him fit to be placed before an honoured visitor. Bagáyi ang ímo mánggad kag kaálam sing maáyo nga batásan. Cultivate a demeanour in keeping with your wealth and knowledge or learning. (see ángay, ányò, ígò, síbò).



Harmony, symmetry, melodiousness; tuned, harmonious. Iníng sísta dílì bagáy or iníng sísta walâ sing bagáy. This guitar is not tuned. Ang piáno ni Fuláno dílì na bagáy, kay dúgay na nga walâ pagbagáya. The piano of N.N. is now out of tune, because it has not been tuned for a long time. (see libágon-out of tune; unharmonious, flat).