Meaning of balántak



Bamboo, bolo, or the like, woven into the walls or partitions of a building. The bamboo is flattened into broad strips and the weaving is done (usually) not upright and across, but diagonally. Also verb: to make or apply balántak. Ang balántak, kon maáyo ang trabáho, matahúm nga tulúkon. Balántak weaving, if well done, is beautiful to look upon. Balantakí ang idálum sang talamwáan. Place balántak-work under the window. Balantaká ang pagdíngding. Weave the partitions in balántak-fashion. Díngding nga binalántak. Sides or partitions woven in the manner of balántak. (see rára-to weave baskets, mats, etc.; tádtad-to flatten bamboo, etc. for balántak-work).