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Flooring or matting of split and flattened-out bamboo, bólò, etc.; to cut, break, split in two, tear, make cuts or incisions with the point of a bolo or the like in sections of split bamboo, bólò, etc. in order to be able to flatten it out; to prepare bamboo, bólò, etc. for balántak-work (weaving). Tadtará (-adá) ang kawáyan. Make cuts with the point of the bolo in the (split) bamboo (and flatten it out). Tadtarí (-adí) akó siníng limá ka nahót nga bólò. Work these five pieces of bólò up into material fit for flooring (partitions, matting, etc.) for me. Ginbutangán níla sing tádtad ang salúg sang íla ermíta. They laid tádtad-matting on the floor of their chapel.



Bamboo, bolo, or the like, woven into the walls or partitions of a building. The bamboo is flattened into broad strips and the weaving is done (usually) not upright and across, but diagonally. Also verb: to make or apply balántak. Ang balántak, kon maáyo ang trabáho, matahúm nga tulúkon. Balántak weaving, if well done, is beautiful to look upon. Balantakí ang idálum sang talamwáan. Place balántak-work under the window. Balantaká ang pagdíngding. Weave the partitions in balántak-fashion. Díngding nga binalántak. Sides or partitions woven in the manner of balántak. (see rára-to weave baskets, mats, etc.; tádtad-to flatten bamboo, etc. for balántak-work).



Material for partition-walls. Tádtad nga dilingdíngon. Bamboo laths or slats to be woven into a partition-wall. (see díngding).



To snatch-, draw-, pull-, jerk-, out rather quickly, take hold of with a jerk or with a swift pulling motion. Habnusá iníng pilá ka sókdap nga gabúk sang amákan kag ilísan mo sing mga bág-o. Pull out these few rotten slips from the bamboo mat and replace them with new ones. Habnusí ang díngding sing isá ka tádtad. Pull off a tád-tad-strip from the partition-wall. Ihábnus akó ánay siníng liníyas nga kawáyan sa kodál. Please pull this piece of split bamboo out of the fence. Ihábnus akó sing pilá ka nahót nga lánot nga talagakón, kay ákon sugponón kag tagákon. Please jerk a few hemp-fibres (off the line) and give them to me, because I am going to connect them and arrange them neatly. (see húnus, gúnut, bíngkas, tábnus).

Splint-machine, frame for the dressing and cleaning of splints for wickerwork and basketry, particularly the hole or slot through which the bamboo, etc. that has been split by the operation of tádtad, is pushed in the process of giving it the finishing touch for weaving it into floors, partitions, balántak-work, or the like. (see tápgo, batakán).



(B) Fretted, chafed, frayed; to fret, etc. (see tingkarág, sarabusáb, tádtad).



Freq. of tutó, totó-to pound, strike (with a pestle). Hináyon mo lang ang panutó, agúd índì magkalatádtad ang sug-úton. Pound gently or the fibres will break.