Meaning of baúl



(Sp. baul) Trunk, box, case, travelling-case. (see kabán, káha, soklóban, tampípì, sulúdlan).



Rough, not well made or done, botched, bungled, scamped; to do --, make --, perform --, something-, act-, unseemly, unsightly, in a coarse way, to make merely a rough outline. Baúla lang ánay ang laráwan kag ugáling limpiohón mo. First shape out the statue roughly and then trim it. Bául nga pamánday, panulát, etc. Rough carpentry, careless writing, etc. Bául nga inobrahán inâ. That is (was) rough work, not beautiful or fine work. (see barághal, barúbal, manól, bástos, akúlakúl, dagóldagól).