Meaning of báyò



A Philippine upper garment for men and women, dress for the upper part of the body, bodice, jacket. The "báyò" is a piece of dress of very many different kinds and styles, but all agreeing in one point, namely that they serve as an outer covering of the upper part of the body.



To pound or hull, especially rice, by means of a wooden mortar (lusóng) and a pestle (hál-o). Báywa or bayohá ang humáy. Pound the rice. Báywi or bayohí akó sing isá ka pásong nga humáy. Pound for me a bushel of rice. Ibayó akó ánay siníng isá ka gántang nga humáy. Kindly pound this gantang of rice for me. Humáy nga binayó. Rice that has been pounded. (see lúbak, totó, gúmà, dásdas, líg-as).



(Sp. bayo) Bay, yellowish white (horses). Ginbalígyà ko ang ákon kabáyo nga báyo. I sold my bay horse.