Meaning of gakám



The span of the hand; to span, clasp, grasp, encircle with the hand; to cope with, be able to do, be capable of performing. Gakamá ang ákon bútkon, kay tan-awón ko kon makagakám ikáw sinâ. Clasp my arm with your hand, for I wish to see whether you can span it. Igakám akó ánay sang mga hilimosón sa dígamohán. Kindly undertake to look after the things to be prepared in the kitchen. Makagakám balá siá siní? Is he able to cope with this? Gakamón ko gid, kon malúyag ikáw, ang ímong aradohón. I will undertake to do your ploughing, if you like. (see gakáp, gakóm, gamól, gahús, agám, ágap).