Meaning of gákut



A bundle or package tied together with a string, especially applied to rice corded or roped in the field, a sheaf. (One gákut is equal to one tabungós or, discounting the ears, to about one bushel of threshed rice); to tie, bind, fasten with a string or rope, to rope or cord, to sheaf. Gakúti ang humáy sa tabungós. Bind the rice in the tabungós-basket. Igákut akó sang bínhì nga humáy. Please sheaf the seed-rice. Gakúti akó sing humáy nga bilinhíon. Bind a bundle of seed-rice for me. Igákut iníng písì sa pinutús. Tie the parcel with this string. (see putús, baláhos, higót).



Rope, cable, mooring (cables and anchors). (see gákut).