Meaning of kápa



(Sp. capa) Mantle, large cloak; cope used at religious functions.



To cover as with a mantle; to grasp, seize, take possession of, appropriate. Daw buút níya kapahán ang tanán nga mánggad sa kalibútan. It seems as if he would like to seize all the wealth of the world. Ginkapahán níya ang tanán nga pílak nga nagsulúd. He appropriated all the money that came in. (see karipón, ángkon).



To droop, hang down, be full of-, covered with-, laden with-, weighed down with-, fruit, be enshrouded as with a mantle. Nagakápà ang mga sangá siníng káhoy. The branches of this tree are weighed down, (being covered with fruit as with a mantle). Nagakápà gid lang sang búnga iníng páhò. This mango-tree is covered with and bending under the weight of its fruit. (see gápà).