Meaning of lábud



Sediment, dregs, lees, grounds (of liquids); the last of a series, as the very last child in a family; to form dregs, etc. Nalabúdan (-úran) ang salúd sang tubâ. The receptacle for collecting toddy is full of sediment. (see lágtok).



Weal, wale, mark (of a whip or the like); a streak, stripe (of two threads or fibres); to streak, stripe, mark with stripes. Ilabúd sa kabáyo ang látigo. Labudí (-urí) ang kabáyo sang látigo. Give the horse the whip. May labúd ang íya nga písngi. There is a weal on his cheek. Búnal nga waáy labúd. A whipping without weals, i.e. a severe scolding, adverse criticism, etc. Ang sámay sang ákon patádyong isá gid lang ka labúd nga sedalína, ápang ang íya sang patádyong ni mánang duhá gid ka púlò ka labúd nga sedalína. The stripes in my skirt consist of only two silk threads, but those in the skirt of my eldest sister consist of forty silk threads. Butangí ang ákon báyò sing duhá ka labúd nga mapulá. Put two red stripes into my jacket. (see lábhag, lábtik, sámay, guráy).