Meaning of lángkoy



Straight on without a hitch or break, continuous, without interruption, steady, unbroken; together, at the same time, in one go or push; to do something at a stretch, without interruption; to "kill two birds with one stone", combine, do at the same time. Ang mga halígi siníng baláy pulús mga lángkoy. The posts of this house are all of a piece from the ground to the roof i.e. without splices. Langkoyá ang trabáho. Work on steadily. Langkoyí lang sing alámbre ang kodál. Make the whole fence of wire. Ilángkoy mo lang ang kodál sa talámnan nga walâ sing lakarán. Enclose the whole field with a fence without a stile. Maghámbal, magsulát, etc. ka sing lángkoy. Speak, write, etc. in an orderly way, right on, without pauses or stops. Nagpamanílà siá sa pagdúaw sa íya nga bátà kag lángkoy man sa pagpamaláklon. He went to Manila to visit his son and at the same time to make some purchases. (see dáyon, dungán).