Meaning of láyo



Ripeness, maturity; mature, quite or fully ripe; to ripen, mature, be fully ripe, quite ripe (of fruit-stones, seeds, kernels, fruits with thick husks or pods, as nuts, peas, beans, etc., but not of mangoes, bananas, plums, etc.). Nagláyo na ang kamúnsil. The kamúnsil-seed has now become quite ripe. Manuláon ka na lang siníng mga balátong, índì mo pagpalayóhon. Gather these beans now, do not let them ripen (on the plant). (see gúlang, lútò).



(H) Remoteness, farness, great distance; to be remote, far off, distant, far away, far from. Naglayô sa simbáhan ang bág-o námon nga baláy, kay ginpatíndog námon sa umá. Our new home is far from the church, for we have built it on the farm. Nalayoán akó siníng minuró. This village appears to me to be far off. Layô ang Manílà, ápang layô pa gid ang Amérika. Manila is far away, but America is much farther still. (see malayô, kalayoón, pahilayô, etc.).