Meaning of linóng



Quietude, peace, tranquillity, calm, calmness; peaceful, tranquil, quiet, calm; to be, become or make calm, etc. Naglinóng na ang íla baláy. Their house is quiet now. Naglinóng na ang íla panimaláy. Their family-life is peaceful now. Linongá ang ínyo pagpuyô. Live quietly together i.e. don't quarrel or the like. Walâ pa maglinóng ang pagpuyô dídto, kay ang bolkán nagatúga pa kag nagapalínog. Life there has not yet become tranquil, because the volcano is active still and causes earthquakes. Ginalinongán gid akó siníng bánwa. This town appears to me to be very quiet, peaceful or tranquil. (see táwhay, dáit, húsay).