Meaning of lipóng



Unconscious, dazed, being in a swoon or fainting fit, dizzy, confused, perplexed, giddy; drunk, intoxicated. (see walâ, na, sing, kalibútan, paalumátay, lingín, hubúg, balúng).



To cause a fainting fit, swoon, syncope, unconsciousness; to make dizzy, drunk, etc. Nalípong siá. He swooned (went off in a swoon), had a fainting fit, lost consciousness. Ginlípong níya akó sang bíno. He made me dizzy, giddy or drunk with wine. Ang mga masakít nga oloperáhan ginalípong silá ánay sang manugbúlung. Sick persons about to be operated upon are first given an anaesthetic by the physician. (see língin, hubúg).