Meaning of lisáng



Terrified, shocked, full of consternation, struck all of a heap, very much afraid, aghast, horrified, awe-stricken, panic-stricken. (see lísang).



To be terrified, shocked, frightened, affrighted, impressed with sudden fear, alarmed, scared, dismayed, appalled, filled with great fear or terror, inspired with awe, frightened out of one's-wits,-senses,-seven senses. Nalísang siá sang paglínog. Nagkalísang siá sang paglínog. He was filled with terror (was full of consternation) at the earthquake. Ginkalísang níya ang kaláyo. Nagpalísang sa íya ang kaláyo. The fire struck him with awe. Indì mo siá pagpalisángon. Don't terrify him. (see hádluk, kibút, kúlbà, kúgmat, panglígbus, panguyús, kibút, ngídlis).