Meaning of sághaw



To glean, pick out, select, gather, cut the best ears with the rice cutter, collect the best or passable ears from a bad crop or from a crop spoilt by the action of birds, insects, etc. and leave the rest alone. Saghawá ang humáy. Gather the best rice-ears (and leave the rest in the field). Kúl-aw gid ang ámon pinatubás sa karón nga túig; sinaghawán lang námon ang ámon talámnan. This year we had a bad harvest; we just (picked out and) gathered the better ears from our rice-land (and left the rest as pasture for the cattle, etc.). Saghawá ang nabilín nga alányon. Gather what is left of the rice-crop. (see ág-ag, panálà, panagílò).