Meaning of sákit



Grief, mental pain, mental suffering, sadness, sorrow, woe, distress, affliction; to grieve, be sad or in sorrow, be sorry, pained or distressed. Nagakasákit ang buút ko. I am grieved, pained. Ang nasakítan ko gid (Ang nasakítan gid sang ákon buút) amó ang--. What grieves me most is--. What I am chiefly sorry for is--. Ginakasakítan ko gid ang kamatáyon sang ákon ilóy. I am very sad on account of the death of my mother. Dílì nímo igkasákit inâ. Don't be distressed at that. Dî mo pagpasakíton ang ímo mga ginikánan. Don't grieve your parents. Walâ gid níla pagigkasákit ang amó nga hitabâ. They were not sorry at all for what happened. (see subô, kághà, lisúd, sakít).



Bodily or physical pain, suffering, ache, smart, twinge, twitch, gripe, hurt, soreness, sting, torment, torture; to cause pain, to pain, inflict pain, hurt, torment, torture, rack. Sakitá siá. Let him-feel,-smart for it. Nasakitán siá sang kusî (kodót) ni Fuláno. He felt the pain when N.N. pinched him. Indì mo siá pagsakitón sing támà. Don't give him too much pain. Don't beat him too much.