Meaning of táp-ing



Dirt, grime, mud, filth, stain, tarnish; to become or make dirty, etc. Walâ gid sing táp-ing ang íya dungúg. His character is perfectly blameless. He is a man of unblemished (irreproachable) character. Ang íya guyá natap-ingán sang hígkò kag dugô. His face was-grimy and blood-stained,-besmeared with grime and blood. Ayáw pagbuháta inâ, kay matap-ingán gid ang maáyo nga ngálan sang ímo panimaláy. For God's sake don't do such a thing, for it will certainly bring dishonour on the fair name of your family (it will discredit-, reflect upon-, your good family-name). (see dágtà, hígkò, bulíng, rísmò).