Meaning of tímpa



Land-slide, land-slip, falling-in, falling-down; to cave in (of a hole or mine); to fall-, slide-, glide-, burst-, dash-, crash-, down (of a hill-side, of earth and stones from a river-bank, etc.); to cause to fall down, undermine and wash away, break down. Natímpa (Nagkatímpa) ang pángpang. The river-bank caved in (broke down). Ang bahâ nagtímpa sang pángpang. The flood undermined and broke down the river-bank. Natimpahán akó sang ákon umá dalá ang napúlò ka púnò nga lubí. There occurred a landslide on my farm that carried away also ten coconut palms. Walâ mo pagpúndi ang subâ, kóndì nagasáli sang tímpa ang ímo dútà kon may bahâ. You have not embanked (did not embank) the river and consequently (unless you build a dam or dike) part of your land is-being washed away,-crumbling away, with every flood. (see tíbhag, hunâ, hubág, dálhay).