Meaning of tín-aw



(H) Clearness, limpidness, serenity; to be or become clear, bright, limpid, transparent, pellucid, pure, fair, serene; to be or become distinct, easy to understand, manifest, evident. Kaína malubúg pa ang túbig sang subâ, karón nagtín-aw na. Some time ago the water in the river was turbid still, now it has become clear. Tinloán mo ang kátyà sing maáyo, agúd magtín-aw. Clean the glass well so that it may be bright (transparent, pellucid). Ginpatín-aw níya ang íya katarúngan. He made his argument clear. Matín-aw nga túbig. Clear (pure, limpid) water. Nagtín-aw na ang lángit nga walâ na sing mga gál-um. The sky is now serene; all the clouds have disappeared. (see sínaw, sinág, áthag, háwan, tínlò).