Meaning of túmbas



Payment in full, complete satisfaction; to pay off, pay in full, square, settle (up), satisfy completely, give adequate satisfaction, make full amends for. Walâ pa siá magtúmbas sang íya nga útang. He has not yet paid off his debt. Nakabáyad na siá sing túmbas. Gintúmbas na níya ang báyad. He has now paid in full. He has squared his account. Walâ akó sing ikatúmbas sang madámù nga mga kaayohán nga ímo ginhímò sa ákon. I am unable to (I cannot) make you a full return for the many benefits you have bestowed on me. Tumbasí siá sang ímo útang. Pay him your debt in full. Gintúmbas gid níya ang íya nga sayúp. He made full amends for his mistake. (see ímpas, kábis, bálus, báwì, tímpos).