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Will, intention, mind, reason, understanding, intelligence; to will, want, desire, wish, intend, direct, do as one pleases, set one's heart upon. Anó ang buút mo? What is your will, intention? What do you want? Iníng bátà walâ pa sing buút. This child has not yet come to the use of reason. Maáyo siá sing buút. He has good intentions, has a kind heart. Ang buút ko nga magmaáyo ang ákon anák. It is my wish that my child should become good. Ginabút-an níya ang tanán nga kadapátan sa sulúd sang baláy. Everything in the house is subject to his will or direction. Bút-a na lang siá. Now, just accept him (as your bridegroom). Ginbút-an níya ang pagpuní sang simbáhan. He directed-, looked after-, superintended-, the decorating of the church. Nagágaw siá sang ákon dútà, kay ginbuút níya. He took possession of my land, because he had set his heart on it. Bátok inâ sa ákon buút. That is (was) against my wishes (see kabubút-on).



To walk or stroll about, promenade, saunter; to take out for a walk, give an airing to. Nagadayán siá sa plása. He is taking a stroll in (on) the public square. Ginadayán sang ilóy ang íya bátà, kay nagahibî. The mother is taking the baby out for a walk, for an airing, because it is crying. (see lágaw).



Dim. and Freq. of dayán. Indî ka magságad batáng, kóndì magdayándáyan ka. Don't be always lying down, but take a walk. (see lagáw-lágaw).



To go to and fro, back and forth, go in search of, ramble or roam within a rather narrow circle; to loiter, tarry, idle away the hours. (see lagáwlágaw, landólándo, etc.).

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