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(Sp. arrabal) A large village or town, subject to the municipality of another town. Many places that are "arrabales" now have had their own municipal government in Spanish times.



Town, city, municipality, state, common-wealth, public weal; citizens, electors, inhabitants; to become a town. Ang bánwa nga nataóhan níya --. The town in which he was born --. His native town --. Ang bánwa amó ang magahukóm sinâ. The citizens will sit in judgment over that. Ang kaayóhan sang bánwa walâ pagakabalák-i sang ibán nga mga polítiko. Some politicians do not bestow any thought on what is for the good of the state or common-wealth. Pangólo-bánwa. Municipal President. Ulo-bánwa. Principal city, capital. Iníng arabál nagbánwa na. This large village has now become a township or municipality. (see púngsud, puód, puók, arabál, báryo, minurô).