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To be propelled, fly or jump off, scatter with some force, as flying chips or the like. Nalasíkan akó sing inágsap sang pagbíal níya sing káhoy. I was hit by a flying splinter when he was splitting wood. (see lágsik, ásik, ásang, ágsik).



The letter "M" in Visayan is pronounced as in English. The letter "M" is one of the labials b, p, m, and as it is the easiest to pronounce, it often takes the place of the other two:

1) after the prefixes pan-, man-, magapan-, etc. But note that the final "n" of these prefixes is dropt, e.g. pamulúng (pan-, bulúng); pamúlong (pan-, púlong), etc. etc.

2) after the prefixes hi-and ha-, e.g. himungá (hi-, búnga); himúlbul (hi-, búlbul); hamulák (ha-, búlak); hámtang (ha-, butáng), etc. etc.

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