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Operation, dissection, surgery; to dissect, cut open, operate upon, perform the caesarian operation. Bosbosá ang bátà sa kílid sang íya nga ilóy. Perform the caesarian operation. Bosbosí ang íya kílid. Cut him open at the side. Ibósbos iníng kotsílyo. Use this knife for the operation. Nabósbos na ang íya apéndise. His appendix has been cut out. Binósbos sang médiko ang íya apendisítis. He was operated upon by the surgeon for appendicitis.



To cut open; perform the Caesarian operation, etc. See bósbos.

lálà, lâlâ


To strip, separate (meat from the bones, etc.); to cut in pieces, dissect, disembowel; to drop, fall off (as withered leaves or the like). (see ál-al, dágdag, pamutáputá, bósbos).