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To adhere to, stick to (as paste, glue, etc.). Ang lúnang nagpilít sa ákon sapátos. The mud stuck to my boots. Papilití (papítli) ang sóbre sing prankéo. Stamp-, put (stick) a stamp on-, the envelope. (see dokót).



To stick or adhere to. Ang butóngbútong nagapitípot sa íya kamót. The butóngbútong-candy is sticking to his hand. Ang tanán nga mga maragkót nagapitípot. All viscous matter is sticky. (see dokót, pilít).



To become hard, compact, closely packed, to coalesce, stick together, especially said of rice left too long in the kettle without stirring. Natáka (Nagkatáka) ang tiníg-ang, kay walâ pagkalikára (-áda). The rice stuck together in the kettle, because it was not stirred. (see bilóg, dokót).



To stick to, adhere to, be attached to; to take or get hold of, to attack (of a disease, etc.); clinging to, attached to; married into a family. Tapikán mo ang sulát sing sílyo. Stick a stamp on the letter. Ang mga malúya sing láwas matapikán sa madalî sang mga balatían. Those that have weak bodies soon catch a disease. Walâ siá lábut sa ámon panublión, kay tapík lang siá (sa ámon). He has no share in our inheritance, for he belongs to us only by marriage (for he (only) married into the family). Ang papél nagatapík na sa díngding. The paper now sticks (adheres) to the wall. (see dokót, pilít).



To be sticky, viscous. (see pilít, dokót).



Freq. of sígput-to end, complete, finish; pick up all the particles left, gather the remnants of. Ginpanígput níla ang mga kán-on nga nagdokót sa túbò. They gathered (with their fingers) the rice sticking to the bamboo plate. (see hingápus, pamíngkong).

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