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To believe to be true, be convinced of, swallow, take in, be assured of, assent to, give credence to. Nagahimatúod siá sang ginsúgid ni Fuláno. He believes what has been told by N.N. Indì ka maghimatúod sang mga sugilánon sináng mga hámbug. Don't believe the stories of those braggarts. Ginahimatúod níya ang ginakonó nga mga tumáo sa bóbog. He is convinced of the rumour that there are ghosts in the bobog-tree. (see túod, pamatúod).



True, correct, right, truthful, reliable, veracious, sincere, candid, frank, open, honest, straight-forward, undissembling, unfeigned. Matúod gid iní. This is very true. It is a fact. (see túod, pamatúod, himatúod, kamatuóran).



Testimony, verification, corroboration, proof, assertion; to testify to the truth of, verify, corroborate, assert, maintain. (see túod, matúod, himatúod, etc.).

Dim. and Freq. of túod. Kon tuódtuóron inâ--. If that is true--. If that can be verified--. If it should prove to be true--. (see himatúod, kamatuóran, matúod).



True, veracious; to be or become true. Kon magtúud (tuúron, matúd-an, mamatúd-an) inâ--. If that should (would) be-true,-correct,-the case,--. In that event (case, supposition, eventuality)--. (see túd-an, matúod, kamatuóran, himatúod, pamatúud, tuódtúod, túod, tóod id.).