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(H) The removal of cooked food from the hearth or fire-place; to take off the fire, remove cooked food from the fire-place. Bak-itá ang tiníg-*ang. Take the boiled rice off the fire. Ibák-it ang kólon. Take the pot off the fire. Bak-itán mo silá sing isá ka kólon. Take one pot off the fire for them. (see bahít id.).



The wandering or crossing over mountains, hills, etc.; to cross, pass over heights. Ginbáklay níla ang matáas nga búkid. They crossed the high mountain. Baklayá ang bakólod. Cross the hill. Ibáklay akó siníng mga patádyong sa Hámtik. Kindly take these skirts along over the hills to Antique.



(H) To raise, or lift up a little, clothes such as the skirt, the cassock or the like. Balakínga ang patádyong mo, kay madálum ang subâ. Raise your skirt a little, for the river is deep. Magbaláking ka sang sotána mo, agúd índì mabasâ. Lift your cassock a little, lest it should get wet. (see kalókos, kolókos-to tuck up the trousers or the like; baráking).



(H) A crack, chink, split, fissure; to crack, form a chink or fissure. May balanâ or nagbalanâ ang túbo sang kínke, ang kristál sang bintánà, ang kólon, etc. The lamp-chimney, the window-pane, the cooking pot, etc. is cracked. (see litík, hirás).



An idiot, fool, simple, one that is very forgetful, absent-minded, easily cheated or imposed upon by others. (see kolôkolô, etc.).



To widen by digging, to dig away earth, etc. Bangbangán mo ang lúblub, agúd magsángkad ang dálan. Widen the hollow or narrow passage by digging, in order that the road may become broader. Ginbangbangán níla ang búhò, kay makitíd. They widened the hole in the ground, for it was too narrow. Ibángbang iníng tagád sa pángpang sang subâ. Make use of this iron-pointed dibble to dig away the earth from the river-bank. Ipabángbang iníng búhò. Get this hole widened. Ang mga kaminéro nagabángbang sang bakólod sa higád sang dálan. The road-menders are digging away the side of the hill near the road. (see bákhay, káli).

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