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Cause or origin of a fight or quarrel; enmity, war. (see áway, alawayón).



Fight, battle, struggle, conflict, fray, strife, contention, tussle, scuffle, scrimmage, encounter, fighting, quarrelling, war, combat; to fight, quarrel, come to blows, go to war, etc. Nagaáway silá. They are fighting or quarrelling. Nagakaáway silá. They are enemies. Dílì kamó mag-ináway or mag-ilináway. Don't fight or quarrel amongst yourselves. Anó ang ginawáyan nínyo kahápon sang hápon? What were you quarrelling about yesterday evening? Awáyon ko gid siá. I am certainly going to fight him. Tápus na ang dakû nga áway sa Orópa. The great war in Europe is finished. (see kaáway, kaawáyan, kaawayón, mangangawáy, ális, árnis, bagâ, bángig, banggiánay, etc.).