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Any kind of rack, stand, grating, etc. on which articles are placed, as a hat rack, bottle stand, candlestick, etc. (see sádang, salab-ítan, bulutángan).



To hang, insert or hook on, attach or connect with. Isáng-at ang alámbre sa lánsang. Hook the wire on the nail. Ginsáng-at ko ang ákon kálò sa salab-ítan. I hung my hat on the peg. Sang-atí sing kárne ang salang-átan. Hang some meat on the hook. (see sábit).



(H) A peg, nail, bracket, rack. (see súk-it, salab-ítan).



To offer, proffer, tender, afford, present, serve up, hold out to. Ginatán-ay níya ang pílak sa buút magsáylo sa íya búnghay. He is offering money to whosoever wants to join his party. Itán-ay ang kamót mo kay butangán ko sing isá ka hakúp nga dólse. Hold out your hand and I shall fill it with candies. Itán-ay ang kalípay, agúd makapahúway akó sang kalisúd. Suggest (Propose) some way of passing the time pleasantly, so that I may find some rest from my anxiety (trouble). Offer some cheerful diversion, that I may get relief from my distress. (see tányag, hátag).



To jostle, strike, push with the elbow; to turn, push or throw back (the ends or corners of a garment, etc.). Iwáklì ang kápa. Turn back the corners of the cope. (see wáslik).

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