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To tear-, scratch-, pull-, off quickly vines, creepers, an old thatched roof or the like; to tear the ground (of a galloping horse); to perform with despatch, do quickly. (see káskas).



To tear or pull off as an old thatched roof, vines or the like. Kaskasá ang dáan nga atóp kag ilísan mo sing bág-o. Tear off the old roof and replace it with a new one. Ikáskas akó ánay sináng mga balágon. Please pull off those creepers. (see karáskas).



Freq. of karáskas-to tear, pull off, etc. Also: to exert oneself very much, strive with might and main. Nagapangaráskas silá sa pagsákà sa maáyo sing sóhol nga palangakóan. They are making great efforts to attain (rise to) a well-paid position. (see káskas, panikasúg, pamarúg-ot, etc.).