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To bend low, incline, bow down, flatten. Ang humáy ginahápay sang hángin. The rice is being bent by the wind. Hapáya ang tígbaw, agúd maghapús ang áton paglígad. Bend down the tígbaw-reeds, that we may pass easily. Nahapáyan ang ákon talámnan sang humáy sa mamádlus nga hángin. The rice on my field is beaten down on account of the strong wind. Pahapáya ang bohók mo. Flatten down your hair. (see hiláy).



To be scarce, difficult to encounter or obtain, scanty, scant, scarcely obtainable, hard to get; rare, scarce. Hínà-or-nagahínà karón ang kwárta. Money is scarce at present-or-There is a dearth of cash at present. Sang túig nga tinalíkdan naghínà ang ísdà. Fish were difficult to come by last year. Nahináan na kitá sing mga páhò siníng pilá ka túig nga naglilígad. During these last few years we had difficulty in getting mangoes, (they were so scarce). (see íwat).



Cut up, cut in slices or pieces, dissected. Hiwâ na ang báboy sang ámon paglígad sa ihawán. The pig was cut in pieces when we passed the butcher's shop. (see híwà).



(B) Overripe, rotten-ripe, very soft (of fruits and vegetables, etc.); to be or become overripe, etc. Naglanóng iníng kapáyas. This papaw is too soft, is overripe. Nalanongán akó siníng pínya. This pineapple is too soft for me-or-I consider it too soft-or-it has become rotten-ripe (because I did not pluck it in time, etc.). Linanongán akó sing madámù nga páhò sang túig nga naglígad. Last year many of my mangoes became rotten-ripe. (see tanáng).



Causative of lídan-to pass, go by. Palidána ánay ang pándut. Postpone the feast. Let the feast first be over. Wait till after the feast. (see palígad).

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