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To be husband and wife, have marital relations. Nagaasawá or nagaasawaháy silá. They are married, are husband and wife. Ang mga magasawá. Married folks, wedded couples.

(B) Dim. and Freq. of bagâ. To quarrel or fight a little, to have a tiff, to bandy words. Iníng mga magasawá pírme gid lang nagabagâbágà sa íla baláy. This married pair are always disagreeing at home. (see suáysúay).



To poise, to weigh in the hand, to judge or guess the weight of an object by holding it and moving it up and down. Balakía ang búgsò sang kárne. Weigh the piece of meat in your hand. Ginabalákì níya ang kabug-atón sang bombáy. He tried the weight of the onions in his hand. Figuratively: to balance, match. Ang bána nga mapíntas kag ang asáwa nga mahínay nagabalákì. The rough husband and the gentle wife compensate for each other. Ginabalákì sang Diós ang mga batásan sang magasawá. God balances the qualities of married folk.



To agree, pull well together, get on well together, hit it well together, be well joined, harmonize, square with, suit or fit together. Silá nga duhá nagahitóhog gid. The two of them are well mated or matched,-are pulling well together. Ang ibán nga mga magasawá walâ paghilitóhog (paghitóhog). Some married couples are not well suited,-are ill-assorted. Hitohóga silá. Try to make them pull together. (see tóhog, alóghog, hisáhò, hiúsa, hitúpul).

Married, the married persons. Ang mga mag-asawá. Those that are married. Married people. (see asawá, magtiáyon).



Husband and wife, living together in the same household. Ang mga magtiáyon. Those living together as husband and wife. (see tiáyon, magasawá).



Married or wedded people, living in wedlock, joined in matrimony; to cohabit, live together as husband and wife. Walâ pa silá makasál, ápang nagamínyò na silá. They are not yet married, nevertheless they are living together already as husband and wife. (see magasawá, kasál, hilúngug).